Learn How to Choose the Right Associate’s Degree

Maybe your job requires advanced training, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on a full four-year college education. This is a common situation. The solution for many is to acquire an associate’s degree. This level of education qualifies you for many careers that are fulfilling and pay well. You won’t have to take […]

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Learn How to Choose the Right Bachelor’s Degree

In 2017, a report stated that six million jobs are now subject to what’s known as degree inflation. This means that more and more companies want applicants to have bachelor’s degrees, even for jobs that don’t call for this kind of education. While the private sector industry sorts out this challenge, employees face the fact […]

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Learn How to Choose the Right Master’s Degree

At first, the only distinction between a master’s and a doctorate was that master’s degree holders were teachers of the arts and doctors taught divinity, medicine or law. But since the Master of Arts title became the prerequisite for earning a doctorate in many subjects, students and employees began to consider the master’s degree a […]

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Learn How to Choose the Right Minor

You have applied, been accepted into your favorite university and now you’ve picked a major. But what if you want to broaden your knowledge beyond what’s required to get that corner office or a Ph.D. someday? You likely have varied interests and college is the place to explore all the different subjects you can study. […]

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Capitalizing on the Rise of AI: Educational Opportunities and Pathways

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained momentum in various sectors, creating a robust demand for professionals skilled in this field and educational opportunities for those willing to learn and adapt. Understanding AI and its applications is key for those seeking to upskill or venture into new career paths. The future of AI is bright, and there’s […]

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7 Online Degree Programs to Consider Pursuing in 2024

An online degree is a great option if you’re looking to switch careers and keep up with tech advances like AI. Online degree programs fit easily into busy lives and let you learn from anywhere. This guide covers the top online degrees for 2024, including how long they’ll take, what you need to get started, […]

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