Learn 5 Best Habits From the Most Successful Business Leaders of 2023

There are many difficulties associated with being a manager or a business leader. In the 2024 workplace, one of the ways the workplace is changing is placing more emphasis on long-term growth.


In the past, managers and business leaders were rewarded for their abilities to get results done. In 2024, businesses value employee contribution, recognizing the best way to succeed is by having a strong team. As a business leader, your job is to make the team strong, not push them to a breaking point to get results, then replace everyone with a new team.

One of the reasons employees are valued more in 2024 is because numerous studies found businesses previously wasted thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours training new employees throughout the year. When you bring in new employees, it also takes longer for them to become invested in the company. If you keep the same business team, you have more experienced and better motivated employees. Being a business leader is difficult and means taking on extra responsibilities, but there are many habits leaders can develop to simplify their job.

Learn How to Become a Good Listener

Many new managers make the mistake of only giving orders. As a manager, one of your most important responsibilities is guiding your team, but you must be able to listen to your employees as well. Part of being a good manager means setting aside time for employees to reach you. One of the most effective ways to listen to your employees is to take advantage of how much communication happens over text or email. During a normal work day, it is often difficult for both you and your employees to schedule time for a formal meeting. If the issue does not warrant a meeting, let employees know they can contact you by email with any issues. As long as you stay on top of your email, you can listen to any issues.

If you want to go above and beyond as a manager, consider responding in person instead of through text. Responding in person lets the employee know you took the time to read what they had to say and consider them important enough to respond face to face.

During meetings, give employees a fair amount of time to ask questions. Try not to schedule this time during the end of the meeting. If the meeting runs long, the last few minutes are too rushed, and you do not want to make your employees feel like you are too busy to answer questions.

Learn How to Set the Tone

One of the most effective ways to lead is by example. As a business leader, you set the tone for the rest of the office. Employees judge what is acceptable based on your behavior. If you want to set a professional and productive tone, consider the following:

  • Show up to work on time and do not miss deadlines.
  • Maintain a positive and polite attitude.
  • Avoid slacking off at work.
  • Show concern and interest towards your employees.

While you are setting the tone at work, it is important to also encourage transparency. In the workplace, transparency means your employees are comfortable talking to you and being honest about work. If one of your employees makes a mistake at work or is struggling with a project, you do not want them to feel afraid to bring up their issues. As a manager, you must be transparent as well. Do not avoid having tough conversations with your employees. If you catch an employee making a mistake, bring it up to him or her so he or she does not repeat it. Do not shame your employee or make him or her believe his or her job is now at risk. Whenever possible, try not to bring up the error in front of other employees.

Learn How to Encourage Your Employees’ Growth

As a business leader, you are one of the biggest influences on your employees. A good business leader is not only a guide during projects but also throughout the workplace. Do not be afraid to point out the strengths of your employees. If you believe one of your employees has potential, let them know and talk about adding responsibilities, ideally leading up to a promotion. This is also a great way to make employees feel appreciated. The happier your employees are at work, the more likely they are to care about their jobs.

Highlighting the strength of your employees also builds confidence. Another benefit is if you spend time highlighting what is good about your employees, they generally respond better to criticism. For most employees, hearing criticism is hard because they normally only receive negative feedback. When you provide positive feedback as well, employees know their jobs are not at risk, so they are less likely to obsess over the negative feedback.

Learn How to Focus

If you are a new manager, you need to learn how to focus. A good business leader focuses on the big picture. Business leaders not only have more to get done than traditional employees but the work they get done impacts everyone else. If you take too much time focusing on one area, you risk having employees waiting for you to finish receiving their assignments. As a manager, you must delegate smaller tasks to your employees.

Another reason it is important to look at the big picture and not obsess over small details is avoiding micromanagement. Micromanagement is much more common when you try to control every little detail at work. Another downside of micromanagement is it implies you do not trust your employees to handle their jobs. Employees are less likely to grow as well if you constantly step in to do their jobs for them.

Learn How to Commit to Your Decisions

As a business leader, you are responsible for making the most important decisions. If you hesitate or are too afraid to make a call, the rest of the workplace suffers as a result. You must also accept not every decision you make is correct. When you make a bad decision, own up to the mistake, but do not obsess over it.

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