7 Online Degree Programs to Consider Pursuing in 2024

An online degree is a great option if you’re looking to switch careers and keep up with tech advances like AI. Online degree programs fit easily into busy lives and let you learn from anywhere.


This guide covers the top online degrees for 2024, including how long they’ll take, what you need to get started, schools that offer them, and job opportunities they open up. Whether you’re interested in healthcare, nursing, or becoming a leader in tech-driven fields, there’s an online program for you, with options ranging from quick certificates to advanced degrees.

1. Online Medical Assistant Programs

Online medical assistant programs are a flexible choice for adults looking to change careers into healthcare. You can learn to care for patients and manage office tasks like billing, all online.

How Long It Can Take: These programs can take 6 months to 2 years, depending on whether you’re pursuing a certificate or an associate’s degree.

What You Need to Get Started: A high school diploma or equivalent

Schools Offering Online Medical Assistant Programs:

  • Herzing University
  • Penn Foster College
  • Purdue University Global

Job Opportunities: Graduates often work as medical assistants in both clinical and administrative roles or as office managers in healthcare settings.

2. Online Nursing Programs

Online nursing programs for bachelor’s (BSN) and master’s (MSN) are great for Registered Nurses (RNs) who want to advance their careers. A BSN

How Long It Will Take: A BSN can take 1-2 years, and an MSN takes 2-3 additional years.

What You Need to Get Started: Requires an RN license

Schools Offering Online Nursing Programs:

  • Western Governors University
  • Purdue University Global
  • Georgetown
  • Johns Hopkins

Job Opportunities: A BSN can lead to roles like hospital nurse and healthcare manager, while an MSN prepares you for leadership positions, such as nurse practitioner or nurse educator.

3. Online Computer Science Degree

An online computer science degree is a gateway to the tech world, covering everything from basic programming to AI and cybersecurity.

How Long It Will Take: A bachelor’s degree takes about 4 years, with an extra 2 years for a master’s.

What You Need to Get Started: A high school diploma and some math and computer science basics

Schools Offering Online Computer Science Degrees:

  • MIT
  • Stanford
  • Arizona State University (ASU online degrees)

Job Opportunities: Graduates often work as software developers, systems analysts, and other tech professionals.

4. Online Business Administration Degree

Earning a Business Administration degree online prepares you for leadership in the business sector. Through online MBA programs, you’ll study key finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship skills. Online MBA courses focus on strategic thinking and creative problem-solving, which are essential for management positions.

How Long It Will Take: Bachelor’s degrees take around 4 years, with an additional 1-2 years for an online MBA.

What You Need to Get Started: A high school diploma, but possibly work experience for the MBA

Schools Offering Online Business Administration Degrees:

  • University of Phoenix
  • Indiana University
  • Capella University

Job Opportunities: For roles like Business Manager, HR Manager, and Marketing Manager, a Bachelor’s in Business Administration is typically sufficient to start. However, an MBA can significantly enhance your chances for these positions, especially in competitive markets or for higher-level roles.

For Financial Analysts and roles in Business Management and Analysis, while a Bachelor’s degree may be enough for entry-level positions, an MBA is often preferred or required for advancement, offering deeper knowledge and skills that are valuable for more complex and senior roles.

5. Online Education Degree

Online education degrees, both bachelor’s and master’s, offer adults a chance to shift into teaching or educational leadership. By enrolling in a Masters in Education online, you can further your career and step into leadership roles.

Online master’s programs allow you to keep working during the day and attend virtual classes in the evenings, blending your job with advancing your education smoothly.

How Long It Will Take: It takes about 4 years for a bachelor’s and an additional 1-2 years for a master’s.

What You Need to Get Started: A high school diploma, and a bachelor’s degree plus teaching certification for the master’s

Schools Offering Online Education Degrees:

  • University of Phoenix
  • Walden University
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Education

Job Opportunities: A Bachelor’s in Education is typically required to become a teacher or curriculum designer. A Master’s in Education is often necessary for higher-level positions like educational consultants or school administrators.

6. Online Psychology Degree

An online Psychology degree lets you study human behavior and mind from home.

How Long It Will Take: It takes 4 years to get a bachelor’s and an extra 2-3 years for a master’s.

What You Need to Get Started: A high school diploma, and a bachelor’s in psychology or a similar area for a master’s

Schools Offering Online Psychology Degrees:

  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Capella University
  • University of Southern California

Job Opportunities: With a Bachelor’s in Psychology, you can pursue careers as an HR specialist or market researcher, which generally require an understanding of human behavior and analytics. A Master’s in Psychology is typically needed for roles like clinical psychologists or counselors due to the advanced clinical training and licensure requirements involved in these professions.

7. Online Cybersecurity Degree

If you aim to switch careers towards technology, consider an online Cybersecurity Degree.

How Long It Will Take: Bachelor’s degrees take 4 years, and Master’s an additional 2 years.

What You Need to Get Started: A high school diploma, and a related bachelor’s degree for the Master’s.

Schools Offering Online Education Degrees:

  • University of Maryland Global Campus
  • Norwich University
  • Purdue University Global

Job Opportunities: Graduates often work in vital roles like cybersecurity analyst or network security engineer, protecting information for government, banks, and hospitals.

Popular Online Colleges for 2024

Some of the most popular online universities for 2024 include Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University—Worldwide, the University of Alaska Southeast, and Southwest Mississippi Community College. These schools are recognized for their excellence in online education and offer a variety of programs that cater to the needs of diverse learners.

You can explore online college courses or certification programs to study specific subjects without needing a full degree commitment, allowing for focused learning and skill development in your area of interest. The top online courses typically include a mix of subjects with broad appeal and specialized focus areas, such as:

  • Data Science
  • Digital Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Programming Languages (like Python)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Web Development

Platforms like Coursera, edX, Udacity, and LinkedIn Learning often host these popular courses, providing learners with skills highly valued in today’s job market. These platforms partner with universities and industry leaders to offer both free and paid courses, catering to professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge or pivot their careers.

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