NPTEL Python For Data Science Week 4 Assignment Answers 2024

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NPTEL Python For Data Science Week 4 Assignment Answers 2024

1. Which of the following are regression problems? Assume that appropriate data is given.

  • Predicting the house price.
  • Predicting whether it will rain or not on a given day.
  • Predicting the maximum temperature on a given day.
  • Predicting the sales of the ice-creams.
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2. Which of the followings are binary classification problems?

  • Predicting whether a patient is diagnosed with cancer or not.
  • Predicting whether a team will win a tournament or not.
  • Predicting the price of a second-hand car.
  • Classify web text into one of the following categories: Sports, Entertainment, or Technology.
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3. If a linear regression model achieves zero training error, can we say that all the data points lie on a hyperplane in the (d+1)-dimensional space? Here, d is the number of features.

  • Yes
  • No
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4. Which of the following machine learning techniques would NOT be appropriate to solve the problem given in the problem statement?

  • kNN
  • Random Forest
  • Logistic Regression
  • Linear regression
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5. After applying logistic regression, what is/are the correct observations from the resultant confusion matrix?

  • True Positive = 29, True Negative = 94
  • True Positive = 94, True Negative = 29
  • False Positive = 5, True Negative = 94
  • None of the above
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6. The logistic regression model built between the input and output variables is checked for its prediction accuracy of the test data. What is the accuracy range (in %) of the predictions made over test data?

  • 60 – 79
  • 90 – 95
  • 30 – 59
  • 80 – 89
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7. How are categorical variables preprocessed before model building?

  • Standardization
  • Dummy variables
  • Correlation
  • None of the above
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8. A multiple linear regression model is built on the Global Happiness Index dataset ‘GHI_Report.csv’. What is the RMSE of the baseline model?

  • 2.00
  • 0.50
  • 1.06
  • 0.75
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9. A regression model with the following function y=60+5.2x was built to understand the impact of humidity (x) on rainfall (y). The humidity this week is 30 more than the previous week. What is the predicted difference in rainfall?

  • 156 mm
  • 15.6 mm
  • -156 mm
  • None of the above
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10. X and Y are two variables that have a strong linear relationship. Which of the following statements are incorrect?

  • There cannot be a negative relationship between the two variables.
  • The relationship between the two variables is purely causal.
  • One variable may or may not cause a change in the other variable.
  • The variables can be positively or negatively correlated with each other.
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