NPTEL Principles of Management Week 4 Assignment Answers 2024

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NPTEL Principles of Management Week 4 Assignment Answers 2024

1. Paytm established itself in the market with an accurate analysis of a digital payment system. This comes under what component of forecasting?

  • Technological Forecasting
  • Economic Forecasting
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Organization Forecasting
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2. Arrange the process of forecasting in proper sequence-

i) Regulate the forecast
ii) Develop the basis for forecasting
iii) Review the process
iv) Estimating future operations of the business

  • iii, ii, i, iv
  • ii, iv, i, iii
  • i, ii, iv, iii
  • iv, ii, i, iii
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3. Statement 1: Short-term forecasting varies from one day to three months.
Statement 2: Long-term forecasting exceeds the period of more than two years.

  • Statement 1 is correct.
  • Statement 2 is correct.
  • Both the statements are correct.
  • Both the statements are incorrect.
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4. The process of deciding how to fill the company’s most critical executive positions is known as

  • Developmental Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Executive Planning
  • Career Planning
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5. Match the following:

  1. Time Series Analysis i. Uses mathematical formula to predict the replacement of existing products by a new one.
  2. Substitution Model ii. Uses a set of regression equations to simulate segments of the economy.
  3. Economic Indicators iii. Predicts one variable based on a known or assumed variable.
  4. Econometric Model iv. Fits a trend line to a mathematical equation and projects the future.
  5. Regression Model v. Uses one or more economic indicators to predict the future state of the economy.
  • 1(ii), 2(iii), 3(i), 4(iv), 5(v)
  • 1(ii), 2(i), 3(iii), 4(v), 5(iv)
  • 1(i), 2(iii), 3(v), 4(ii), 5(iv)
  • 1(iv), 2(i), 3(v), 4(ii), 5(iii)
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6. Southwest Airlines studied Indy 500 pit crews, who can change race tires in under 15 seconds, to see how they could make their gate turnaround even faster. This is an example of

  • Benchmarking
  • Planning
  • Co-ordinating
  • Decision Making
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7. Who is responsible for distributing the questions, consolidating the replies, and leading the discussion in the Delphi technique?

  • Animator
  • Presenter
  • Facilitator
  • Secretary
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8. The concept of benchmarking has been adapted from the firms of which country in 1970s, which aggressively copied the successes of others and applied what they learned from others around the world to improve their own products and processes?

  • Japan
  • US
  • Germany
  • Chinese
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9. The group of supervisors or department managers for a few days, you would see them regularly allocating resources by detailing what activities have to be done, the order in which they are to be completed, who is to do each, and when they are to be completed. This process is known as

  • Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Scheduling
  • Decision Making
Answer :- 

10. Which type of budget is more suitable for industries with fluctuating production levels or sales volumes?

  • Fixed budget
  • Variable budget
  • Incremental budget
  • Zero-based budget
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