NPTEL Edge Computing Week 5 Assignment Answers 2024

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NPTEL Edge Computing Week 5 Assignment Answers 2024

1. Mobile-edge Computing provides IT and cloud-computing capabilities within the ______ in close proximity to mobile subscribers.

  • Radio Access Network
  • Datacenter
  • Local Area Network
  • Cloudlet
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2. Select the characteristics of Mobile Edge Computing.

  • Proximity
  • Lower latency
  • Location awareness
  • Off-Premise
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3. In case of VM based resources, the resource allocation problem has to deal with which of the following?

  • minimize execution delay of the offloaded application
  • minimize VM migration cost
  • maximize storage capacity of the VM
  • prevent resource overloading/overprovisioning
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4. In a centralized deployment, the Small Cell Manager (SCM) can be deployed where a local SCM manages the computing and storage resources of the SCeNBs’ clusters in vicinity while a remote SCM (R-SCM), located in the CN, has resources of all SCeNBs connected to the Core-Network at its disposal. This statement is,

  • True
  • False
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5. Where is the control entity located in Mobile Micro Clouds (MMC)?

  • Mobile Management Entity
  • Subscriber’s Server
  • Any of the packet of serving gateway
  • There is no control entity in MMC
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6. Which of the following is a core entity in the MEC system level management according to ETSI MEC architecture?

  • MEC server
  • mobile edge platform manager
  • mobile edge orchestrator
  • application lifecycle manager
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7. Select the objectives of task offloading out of the following.

  • Energy
  • Data Variety
  • Response Time
  • Device Mobility
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8. The computation offloading decision is done at the User Equipment by means of a ________________.

  • MEC server
  • Task partitioning module
  • Offloading policy module
  • Channel state information module
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9. In task offloading, _____________ is responsible for monitoring various parameters, such as available bandwidth, data size to be offloaded or energy spent by execution of the applications locally.

  • The code profiler
  • The system profiler
  • The decision engine
  • The offloading module
Answer :- 

10. In the __________-_ process, the MEC system can split a cluster into smaller clusters if the cluster is becoming overloaded, or merge smaller clusters into a larger cluster if the clusters are underutilized.

  • successive cluster optimization
  • static clustering
  • joint cluster optimization
  • none of the above
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