NPTEL Developing Soft Skills And Personality Week 4 Assignment Answer 2023

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NPTEL Developing Soft Skills And Personality Week 4 Assignment Answer

NPTEL Developing Soft Skills And Personality Assignment Answer 2023

NPTEL Developing Soft Skills And Personality Week 4 Assignment Answer 2023

1. Kishan is a team leader in a busy workplace. He is responsible for overseeing a team of employees and ensuring smooth operations. One day, one of his team members, Deepika, comes to him with a concern about a project. How can Kishan’s effective listening skills positively impact the situation?

  1. Kishan interrupts Deepika and offers immediate solutions to her concern.
  2. Kishan offers unsolicited advice to Deepika without fully understanding her concerns.
  3. Kishan pretends to listen to Deepika while multitasking.
  4. Kishan demonstrates empathy and understanding by actively listening to Deepika’s concerns.
  5. Kishan stops himself from reacting to every single thing Deepika says and focuses on comprehending her situation.
  6. Kishan ignores Deepika’s concerns and redirects the conversation to a different topic.
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2. Riya, a fashion designer, has recently launched her own clothing brand. She wants to establish a strong online presence to attract customers and increase brand visibility. How can Riya effectively utilize social media platforms to promote her brand?

  1. Riya creates visually appealing content showcasing her latest designs and shares them on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.
  2. Riya collaborates with fashion influencers and bloggers to feature her designs and reach a wider audience.
  3. Riya ignores the importance of visual aesthetics and posts low-quality images and videos.
  4. Riya copies content from other fashion brands and presents it as her own.
  5. Riya buys fake followers and engagement to artificially boost her brand’s social media presence.
  6. Riya focuses solely on promoting her brand and products without engaging with her audience or addressing their queries.
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3. Which of the following should be AVOIDED while talking to someone over a call to maintain a professional and respectful conversation?

  1. Eating noisily during a phone call
  2. Remaining calm and composed during a phone call, even if the conversation becomes difficult or frustrating
  3. Using unintelligible words during the phone call
  4. Being cheerful and attentive while on a call
  5. Multitasking while having a telephone conversation
  6. Cracking frequent unlaughable jokes and laughing out loud
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4. As a professional who frequently engages in phone conversations, you are faced with the task of delivering bad news to a client. What are some tips to effectively deliver bad news while still maintaining the other person’s respect?

  1. Show empathy and understanding toward the other person’s feelings.
  2. Use a direct and harsh tone to ensure the seriousness of the situation.
  3. Blame others or external factors for the situation to avoid personal responsibility.
  4. Choose an appropriate time and setting for delivering the news.
  5. If possible, offer alternative solutions or options to mitigate the impact of the bad news.
  6. Prepare in advance by planning the key points you want to convey.
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5. Siddharth works as a customer care executive and encounters a conflict where he has to put a customer on hold. How can Siddharth effectively handle this situation and maintain a positive interaction with the customer?

  1. Siddharth politely requests the customer to hold and assures them that he will be as quick as possible.
  2. Siddharth uses a robotic and monotonous tone when speaking to the customer, showing a lack of enthusiasm.
  3. Siddharth sarcastically thanks the customer for waiting, implying that it was inconvenient.
  4. Siddharth expresses gratitude to the customer for their patience and understanding.
  5. Siddharth keeps the customer on hold for an extended period without any explanation or apology.
  6. Siddharth interrupts the customer’s hold time with unnecessary information.
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6. Anagha, a team leader in a software company, is responsible for conducting a performance review meeting with her team member, Faizal. Faizal’s performance has been consistently below expectations. How can Anagha effectively handle this situation and provide constructive feedback?

  1. Anagha starts the meeting by highlighting Faizal’s negative performance without considering his strengths.
  2. Anagha ends the meeting abruptly without allowing Faizal to ask questions or seek clarification.
  3. Anagha listens attentively to Faizal’s perspective and asks open-ended questions to understand his challenges.
  4. Anagha compares Faizal’s performance to other high-performing team members publicly.
  5. Anagha sets clear performance goals and expectations for Faizal, ensuring they are realistic and achievable.
  6. Anagha avoids discussing Faizal’s performance issues and focuses only on praising his few accomplishments.
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7. Identify those people who INAPPROPRIATELY use telephone communication.

  1. Diana has severe chest pain and is unable to breathe properly. She quickly contacts a healthcare service and requests an ambulance to take her to the hospital.
  2. Leela has not spoken to your best friend in months and wants to catch up with her. She dials her number, has a long conversation about their lives, and plans to meet in person.
  3. Sreehari is running late for an important meeting and needs to get to his office quickly. He books a ride-sharing service and provides his pick-up location and destination.
  4. Mohit is attending a business meeting, and his phone starts ringing. Since he forgot to put it on silent, he answers the call and takes the liberty to discuss personal matters.
  5. Aleena wants to book a table for dinner at a fancy restaurant. She calls them up, provides her details, and asks for a table for two at 7 PM on Saturday.
  6. Miya is in a library, and her phone starts ringing. She takes the call.
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8. Nikita has recently started a new job where handling phone calls is a crucial part of her role. What are some key strategies Nikita can adopt to effectively handle phone calls?

  1. Organize her desk and create a designated space for attending phone calls.
  2. Familiarize herself with the telephone equipment and its functionalities.
  3. Make simultaneous calls to multiple individuals to save time.
  4. End phone calls abruptly without providing a proper conclusion or summary.
  5. Use a format to note down important information during phone conversations.
  6. Follow professional etiquette and norms while making and receiving phone calls.
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9. A group of students are attending a seminar on World Politics. Identify the psychological barriers to listening in the following scenarios.

  1. Varun is emotionally overwhelmed, making focusing on the speaker’s message difficult.
  2. Dinesh has a growth mindset and actively engages with the speaker’s ideas, fostering open-mindedness.
  3. Rocky is experiencing discomfort due to an upset stomach, making it challenging for him to concentrate on the speaker.
  4. Janaki holds a strong antipathy toward the speaker, leading to biased perception and reduced attention.
  5. Celine is actively analyzing the speaker’s arguments, seeking to form a critical opinion.
  6. Sneha’s mindset is fixed, and she is resistant to new ideas, hindering her ability to listen with an open mind.
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10. Thejaswini is a chef who wants to enhance her culinary expertise and teamwork in the kitchen. Identify the measures she should adopt to develop good listening skills and establish her culinary career.

  1. Actively listening to her team members’ suggestions and feedback during recipe development.
  2. Assuming that good listening skills are irrelevant for a chef and do not impact the quality of the food.
  3. Ignoring feedback or constructive criticism from customers or colleagues.
  4. Prioritizing her own ideas and disregarding others’ suggestions during menu planning.
  5. Encouraging open communication and collaboration with her team to ensure smooth kitchen operations.
  6. Paying attention to specific customer preferences and dietary restrictions when taking food orders.
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11. Three employees, Anandhu, Malu, and Naksh are traveling together in a bus to attend a company conference. They are seated together and have the opportunity to talk. In this scenario, why is it essential for Anandhu, Malu, and Naksh to have good communication skills?

  1. To gossip about their colleagues and spread rumors.
  2. To engage in heated arguments and conflicts, promoting an unhealthy competitive environment.
  3. To share ideas and insights about the conference topics and enhance their collective learning experience.
  4. To ignore each other and focus on individual tasks or entertainment.
  5. To dominate the conversation and impose their opinions on others.
  6. To stay silent throughout the journey and avoid any awkward interaction.
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12. Krishnapriya is a talented dancer who is preparing for a performance with her dance troop. They are rehearsing a complex routine that requires precise coordination and synchronization. During the rehearsal, Krishnapriya realizes the significance of effective communication in ensuring a flawless performance. Which of the following actions demonstrates the importance of good communication skills in this situation?

  1. Talking loudly and dominating the conversation during rehearsals.
  2. Ignoring the feedback and suggestions from other dancers.
  3. Being overly critical of her own performance and doubting her abilities.
  4. Being attentive and responsive when the choreographer provides guidance.
  5. Criticizing the mistakes of other dancers without offering constructive feedback.
  6. Performing individual moves without considering the overall synchronization.
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13. Vijaya wants to improve her communication skills and avoid being the person others want to avoid in conversations. Which among the following options should she consider to achieve this?

  1. Becoming more arrogant and selfish to assert dominance over others.
  2. Reflecting on her communication habits and identifying if she tends to engage in long, non-mindful conversations.
  3. Believing that talking excessively is the key to good communication.
  4. Avoiding any self-reflection or consideration of how her communication style may be impacting others.
  5. Taking revenge on people who are avoiding her.
  6. Assuming that others are always available to talk to her without considering their schedules or preferences.
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14. Dennis is an enthusiastic hiker who enjoys exploring new trails. He joins a hiking club and participates in a group hike led by experienced hikers. During the hike, the leader shares valuable information about the terrain, safety precautions, and landmarks. However, Dennis is easily distracted and fails to actively listen to the leader’s instructions. Which of the following actions demonstrates the importance of active listening in this situation?

  1. Daydreaming about potential encounters with wildlife while hiking.
  2. Taking frequent breaks to capture scenic photographs without paying attention to the trail.
  3. Making assumptions about the trail route based on previous hiking experiences.
  4. Asking clarificatory questions to the leader to ensure understanding.
  5. Ignoring the leader’s suggestions and venturing off the trail alone.
  6. Following the group without paying attention to instructions.
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15. What is dissonance?

  • A mental picture achieved by excessive exposure to rom-coms.
  • The sensation of hearing angelic voices.
  • A musical term referring to the combination of different instruments.
  • A telephone etiquette.
  • A state of disharmony.
  • A technique used in visual arts to create depth and perspective.
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16. Prerna, a talented writer, is deeply engrossed in the process of writing her novel. However, she often gets interrupted by phone calls, which disrupt her creative flow. How can Prerna minimize phone call disturbances and maintain her writing focus?

  1. Leave the phone at full volume to ensure she does not miss any important calls.
  2. Install a phone call simulator app to create the illusion of receiving calls.
  3. Partake in lengthy conversations on the phone during writing sessions.
  4. Continuously check social media and respond to messages.
  5. Engage in multitasking by talking on the phone and working on creative projects.
  6. Prioritize uninterrupted creative time by scheduling specific hours for phone usage.
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17. While attending a professional phone call, one SHOULD NOT be:

  1. confident
  2. happy
  3. satisfied
  4. moody
  5. lively
  6. proactive
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18. Karamchand is an aspiring actor preparing for his first audition for a leading role in a theater production. Why is it significant for Karamchand to have good communication skills as an actor?

  1. To misinterpret the director’s instructions.
  2. To effectively convey emotions and portray characters convincingly on stage.
  3. To constantly interrupt fellow actors during rehearsals.
  4. To mumble lines and speak inaudibly, creating confusion among the audience.
  5. To avoid making eye contact with other actors and appear disconnected from the scene.
  6. To prioritize personal agenda and neglect the overall flow of the performance.
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19. Who among the following is a good communicator?

  1. Brinda often speaks in a condescending tone, belittling others’ ideas and opinions. She fails to create an inclusive and collaborative atmosphere during discussions.
  2. Suparna tends to use ambiguous language and unclear explanations, causing confusion among her friends.
  3. Lipi actively engages in discussions, seeking clarification when needed and expressing her ideas concisely.
  4. Thara relies heavily on jargon and technical language, making it difficult for her audience to understand her message.
  5. Manoj frequently interrupts others while they are speaking, showing little regard for their perspectives.
  6. Lizzie tends to avoid direct communication when faced with conflicts or disagreements. Instead, she chooses to remain silent.
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20. Sooraj, an experienced and meticulous lawyer, represents his client in a high- stakes court trial. Throughout the proceedings, Sooraj demonstrates exceptional listening skills, actively engaging with all aspects of the case. How does Sooraj’s listening skills contribute to his proficiency as a lawyer?

  1. Sooraj’s exceptional listening allows him to eavesdrop on private conversations, obtaining confidential information to gain an advantage in the case.
  2. Sooraj’s keen listening helps him avoid engaging in meaningful conversations with his clients, allowing him to save time and focus on other cases.
  3. Sooraj’s listening skills allow him to comprehend the nuances of the opposing party’s arguments, enabling him to formulate well-informed counter-arguments.
  4. Sooraj’s exceptional listening capabilities enable him to manipulate witnesses and exploit their statements to his advantage.
  5. Sooraj’s listening skills make him an expert at bribing the judge.
  6. Sooraj’s selective listening allows him to ignore contradictory evidence, helping him to present a one-sided and biased argument.
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21. Madhu is a dermatologist who shouts at patients who cannot effectively communicate their issues. This approach makes her an effective communicator herself as she is able to diagnose their disease as well as judge their communication skills.

  1. True
  2. False
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22. Fida believes that hearing is a physical activity and that listening is a mental activity. Fida is right.

  • True
  • False
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23. Empathizing with the caller will ease the situation and enhance the overall mood during a telephone conversation.

  1. True
  2. False
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24. Parvathy and Vidhu were good friends who lost touch over the years. Vidhu believes that Parvathy would not be interested in contacting her as she has acquired a higher social status. Vidhu’s preconceived notion acts as a psychological barrier to good communication.

  1. True
  2. False
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25. If somebody is making an important call where she is going to give you some information and you are not prepared, do not ask them to call again.

  1. True
  2. False
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