NPTEL Design Thinking – A Primer Week 4 Assignment Answers 2024

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NPTEL Design Thinking – A Primer Week 4 Assignment Answers 2024

1. An environmental organization is designing a campaign to promote recycling practices. They have created multiple concepts and messages to encourage people to recycle more effectively. What would be the most effective method for the environmental organization to validate the impact of their recycling campaign concepts?

  • Multi-why approach
  • Testing in controlled lab conditions
  • Selling products
  • ️Field work and observing people’s reactions to the concept
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2. A design team has created a prototype for a new productivity app after conducting user interviews and analyzing their needs. What should the team prioritize to improve the app’s design before launching it to the market?

  • Testing it with different users
  • Modifying the prototype without further testing
  • Testing the prototype in a controlled lab environment
  • Observing the reactions of the developers
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3. During the testing phase of a new car model, engineers discovered that the innovative fuel-efficient engine design impacted the vehicle’s speed negatively. What approach should they consider to resolve this issue?

  • Analyze the conflict of interest between fuel efficiency and speed
  • Modify the engine without further testing
  • Implement the innovative design in the production model as is
  • Conduct observational studies to understand user preferences
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4. What is the primary objective of creating a prototype in the context of design thinking’s test phase?

  • To develop a fully functional product or service
  • To check and validate assumptions made about the solution
  • To finalize the product design without further testing
  • To gather user reactions and initiate marketing activities
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5. Which method is NOT usually employed to collect user feedback during the Test phase in design thinking?

  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Usability testing and observations
  • ️Brainstorming sessions
  • Interviews and focus groups
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6. How does the iterative process in the Test phase contribute to the design thinking approach?

  • It ensures constant project delays.
  • It allows for ongoing improvements and refinements based on user insights.
  • It halts progress by repeatedly returning to the Ideate phase.
  • It prevents the team from collecting user feedback.
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7. Test is considered to be __ phase in design thinking

  • Divergent
  • Convergent
  • Open-ended
  • Open-source
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8. According to the Professor’s correlation between Buddhist principles and Design Thinking. Which one of the four noble truths is mapped to the Test phase in Design Thinking?

  • Nirodha
  • Samudaya
  • Marga
  • Dukkha
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9. Which of the following is an apt approach to having your prototype tested?

  1. Before you test your prototypes, you should therefore figure out what exactly you want to test.
  2. Select a demographic and test even with the extreme users
  3. Refrain from trying to sell your idea or over-explaining
  4. Allow your participants to contribute ideas

Choose the correct option:

  • 1,2
  • 2,3,4
  • 1,3,4
  • All 4
Answer :- 

10. What action should the design team avoid if they encounter conflicting feedback from users regarding a specific feature of the app?

  • Disregarding the conflicting feedback and continuing with the original design.
  • Removing the feature to prevent user confusion.
  • Thoroughly analyzing the feedback to grasp the underlying reasons.
  • Incorporating all suggested changes to meet each user’s preference.
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