NPTEL Cloud Computing Week 3 Assignment Answers 2023

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NPTEL Cloud Computing Assignment Solutions 2023

NPTEL Cloud Computing Week 3 Assignment Answers 2023

NPTEL Cloud Computing Week 3 Assignment Answers 2023

1. In the context of aggregated demand in resource provisioning in the cloud, how does adding n independent demands affect the coefficient of variation (C)?

  • A) Increases the Cv
  • B) Decreases the Cv
  • C) Does not change the Ex
  • D) Inversely proportional to the mean
Answer:- b

2. What does the term “biasness towards vendors” imply in the context of SLA monitoring?

A) Vendor-driven selection of monitoring parameters
B) Customer-driven selection of monitoring parameters
C) Balanced approach in monitoring parameters
D) Lack of active monitoring on the customer’s side


3. In the Openstack storage concept ______ storage persists until the VM is terminated and is managed by _________

A) Nova, Cinder
B) Ephemeral, Cinder
C) Cinder, Ephemeral
D) Ephemeral, Nova

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4. What condition makes periodic provisioning acceptable in the presence of linear demand?

A) High resource utilization
B) Non-linear demand
C) Instantaneous demand
D) Flat demand

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5. What is (are) the key factor(s) to consider in a hybrid model for utility pricing?

A) Reliability and accessibility
B) Network cost and usage costs
C) Peak to average demand ratio
D) Interoperability overhead

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6. What architecture is used in a parallel database for the efficient execution of SQL queries?

A) Shared memory architecture
B) Shared disk architecture
C) Shared nothing architecture
D) Shared cache architecture

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7. What type of environment benefits from utility pricing?

A) Environments with fixed demand levels
B) Environments with limited resource scalability
C) Environments with variable demand levels
D) Environments with prepaid resource allocation

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8. What is the role of Neutron in the provisioning flow in Open Stack?

A) Fetches information about the whole cluster from the database
B) Publishes a message to the compute queue to trigger VM provisioning
C) Configures IP, gateway, DNS name, and L2 connectivity.
D) Contacts Cinder to get volume data

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9. How does the master node in the Google File System maintain communication with chunk servers?

A) Command messages
B) Update messages
C) Query messages
D) Heartbeat messages

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10. What does the ‘availability’ metric represent in the monitoring and auditing of SLAs?

A) The speed at which a service responds
B) The percentage of uptime for a service
C) How often the service is available
D) The ability for a resource to grow infinitely

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NPTEL Cloud Computing Week 2 Assignment Answers 2023

1. Public cloud has_______and ________service level agreements (SLAs).

A) loosely coupled, default
B) restrictive, customized
C) customized, default
D) default, restrictive

Answer :- D) default, restrictive

2. In the XML parser processing model, the parser should not stop processing even if the data is not well- formed

A) True
B) False

Answer :- B) False

In the XML parsing processing model, if the data is not well-formed (i.e., it doesn't adhere to the syntax rules of XML), the parser will usually encounter an error and stop processing. Well-formedness is a fundamental requirement for XML documents, and parsers are designed to enforce this rule. If the data is not well-formed, the parser cannot continue processing because it cannot interpret the content correctly.

So, if the data is not well-formed, the XML parser will indeed stop processing and report an error.

3. The on-site private cloud’s network capacity restricts on-demand bulk data import or export.

A) True
B) False

Answer :- A) True 

4. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has________ errors and __________accuracy.

A) low, medium
B) medium, low
C) high, medium
D) low, high

Answer :- D) low, high

5. Web services provide capabilities similar to EDI but are ________expensive to implement.

A) more
B) less
C) not applicable
D) equal

Answer :- B) less 

6. In XML, a special ‘xmIsn’ attribute is used to define the namespace

A) True
B) False

Answer :- B) False

7. Following is(are) examples) private cloud

A) Amazon VPC
B) Eucalyptus
C) Microsoft Azure
D) Oracle Cloud

Answer :- A) Amazon VPC 
B) Eucalyptus 

8. What is (are) goals) for a virtual machine architecture?

A) Equivalence
B) Resource control
C) Efficiency
D) None of these

Answer :- A) Equivalence
B) Resource control
C) Efficiency

9. Within a cluster manager, ___________manager is connected via high-speed network.

A) grid
B) cloud
C) computer
D) Node

Answer :- C) computer 

10. Which statements) is (are) application to Data Object Storage (DOS)?
Statement (i) DOS stores user credentials; Statement (ii) DOS is usually single for a cloud.

A) Only Statement (i) is correct
B) Only Statement (ii) is correct
C) Both Statements (i) and (ii) are correct
D) None of the statements is correct

Answer :- C) Both Statements (i) and (ii) are correct 

NPTEL Cloud Computing Week 1 Assignment Answers 2023

1. Which of the following is a common property of distributed computing?

A) Centralized control
B) Fault tolerance
C) Single point of failure
D) Limited scalability

Answer :- b

2. Peer-to-Peer computing resembles truly distributed applications.

A) True
B) False

Answer :- a

3. Which of the following application(s) uses grid computing?

A) Reactor Applications
B) Air conditioning
C) Crystallography
D) Steganography

Answer :- a, c

4. Which of the following is(are) a key component(s) of cluster computing?

A) Parallel programming environment
B) Single central processing unit
C) Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP)
D) Node affinity

Answer :- a, c

5. Utility computing is a _______________ model, in which a service provider makes computing resources and _____________ available to the customer.

A) service-provisioning, infrastructure management
B) infrastructure management, service-provisioning
C) cloud computing, resource management
D) service-provisioning, resource management

Answer :- a

6. Utility computing encapsulates the following characteristic(s)

A) Mobility amalgamation
B) Pay-per-use pricing business model
C) No impact on resource utilization
D) None of above

Answer :- b

7. In utility computing, the payment model differs for different customers based on scale and payment frequency alone.

A) True
B) False

Answer :- b

8. What are the different characteristic(s) of cloud computing?

A) Virtualization
B) Service disagreement
C) Service orientated
D) Scalability

Answer :- a, c, d 

9. Google Spreadsheet is an example of :

A) Platform as a Service or PaaS
B) Software as a Service or SaaS
C) Function as a Service of FaaS
D) Infrastructure as a Service or Iaas

Answer :- b

10. In the case of the client-server model: Statement (i) Virtualization is a core concept; Statement (ii) system can scale infinitely

A) Only Statement (i) is correct
B) Only Statement (ii) is correct
C) Both Statements (i) and (ii) are correct
D) None of the statements is correct

Answer :- d

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