NPTEL AI in Marketing Week 4 Assignment Answers 2024

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NPTEL AI in Marketing Week 4 Assignment Answers 2024

1. What is the primary function of Facial Coding in AI-powered qualitative research?

  • Analyzing written or spoken responses
  • Revolutionizing consumer behavior and preferences
  • Identifying micro-expressions and emotional responses
  • Enabling researchers to understand the emotional impact of campaigns
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2. How can AI contribute to problem identification, as mentioned in the text?

  • Solely by analyzing past usage and patterns
  • By predicting the probability of sudden cardiac arrest
  • Only by identifying consumer needs in real-time
  • Both by detecting needs based on past usage/patterns and predicting future needs
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3. What are some benefits of capturing Marketing Insights using AI?

  • Train employees based on what’s actually important to customers
  • Prioritize actions to improve customer experience
  • Capture customers’ emotional and cognitive responses in real-time
  • All the above
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4. How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) transforming market research?

  • Automating data collection and analysis
  • Enabling predictive analytics
  • Providing augmented consumer insights and making informed decisions based on rich insights derived from massive datasets with precision and efficiency
  • All the above
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5. What is the primary concept behind the Consumer Behavior Stimulus Response Model?

  • Marketing stimuli have no impact on consumer decision-making
  • Consumer characteristics have no role in the decision process
  • Environmental stimuli directly lead to purchase decisions
  • Marketing and environmental stimuli enter the consumer’s consciousness, and psychological processes combine with consumer characteristics to influence decision processes and purchase decisions
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6. Which of the following are the primary psychological processes that significantly impact consumer responses?

  • Motivation, Perception
  • Learning, and Memory
  • Both A and B
  • None of above
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7. How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) play a role in understanding and addressing consumer
needs during the problem recognition stage?

  • By ignoring overt behavior and digital footprints
  • By relying solely on internal stimuli
  • By recognizing problems/needs only through external stimuli
  • By understanding consumers’ emerging needs through overt behavior and digital footprints, allowing for personalized marketing approaches
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8. What business model is facilitated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in predicting customers’s needs and preferences?

  • Shopping-then-Shipping
  • Pre-ordering
  • Traditional Retailing
  • Shipping-then-Shopping
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9. How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) utilize machine learning to understand and predict consumer behavior?

  • By solely focusing on sporadic purchases
  • By ignoring underlying patterns in shopping behavior
  • By unrecognizing regular habits
  • By detecting underlying patterns in shopping behavior, predicting regular habits, and understanding more complex consumer behaviors
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10. What role does AI play in the pre-purchase phase?

  • Including activities such as collecting information, selecting, advising, recommending, and customizing?
  • Enhancing the checkout process for smoother transactions
  • Providing post-purchase customer support
  • Monitoring shipping and delivery logistics
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