NPTEL AI in Marketing Week 2 Assignment Answers 2024

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NPTEL AI in Marketing Week 2 Assignment Answers 2024

1. Which of the following company implemented augmented intelligence to design customized shoes for its customers, and the end-to-end process only takes two weeks from design to customer delivery?

  • Campus
  • Nike
  • Fila
  • Bata
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2. Which of the following forms of AI driven value creation suits this description- “AI automation often improves repetitive processes that are not enjoyable or challenging for humans. For example, Abundant Robotics has designed AI powered automated machines to harvest apples, reducing the amount of labor needed.”?

  • Process Enhancement
  • Product or Service Innovation
  • Process Efficiency
  • None of the above
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3. Complex AI systems especially those that employ deep learning, are opaque. It’s impossible to explain how these algorithms, working with enormous numbers of parameters and many intricately interconnected layers of abstraction, reach their conclusions. This shortcoming of complex AI systems is known as-

  • AI Transparency
  • AI Secrecy
  • Black Box Problem
  • Glass Box Problem
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4. Which of the following is not related to a Modern Data Foundation?

  • Modern data engineering
  • Siloed Data
  • AI-assisted data governance
  • Data democratization
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5. Which dimension of IDEAS framework is being seen as “living systems” with the characteristics of being ‘Boundary-less’, ‘Adaptable’, and ‘Radically Human’?

  • Strategy
  • Data
  • Intelligence
  • Architecture
Answer :- 

6. Technology evolved from machine-centric to collaborative to being human-centric. For the Intelligence dimension in IDEAS framework, which one is the human-centric tool?

  • Industrial Robot
  • Deep Learning
  • Emotional AI
  • Business Intelligence
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7. _____________ is an organizational strategy planned and executed to take advantage of the AI based tools and resources to create competitive advantage.

  • Digital Business Strategy
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Cognitive (AI) Strategy
  • AI Adoption Strategy
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8. At which level of strategic planning each business unit develops a strategic plan to carry that business unit into a profitable future?

  • Corporate Planning
  • Division Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Product Planning
Answer :- 

9. Once AI development matures within an initial domain and organizations gets well-versed with reimagining parts of the business, AI adoption can be expanded to other domains. Companies can pursue multiple domains in parallel and prioritize domains that have data and skills in common, such as supply chain and logistics. Or they might pursue the same domain in other business units. What is this stage of AI Adoption known as –?

  • Setting the Strategy
  • Monitoring
  • Adapting for Organizational & Technological Change
  • Scaling the AI
Answer :- 

10. _______________ inference involves the creative act of imagining what might have happened had a certain variable in an experiment — or in our case, a business activity — been different, given everything else we know.

  • Association
  • Intervention
  • Counterfactuals
  • None of the above
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